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March 1998

Here are all of the books we've reviewed that were published March 1998.

Book Review

The Animal Within Us

by Bronwyn Jones

If you prefer to believe that biology dictates human destiny, you’ll enjoy reading The Animal Within Us. But if you think humans are a bit more complex than that, you might want to pass. With a background in psychology and neurobiology... Read More

Book Review

Why Am I an Only Child?

by Martha Topol

Mixing bold-faced standard computer type with hand-drawn text, this book addresses the issue of being an only child. Eudora is a rhinoceros who feels confused and angry because she’s an only child. When she asks her well-dressed... Read More

Book Review

Making Gardens

by Ellen Pisor

British horticultural writer Patrick Taylor’s beautifully photographed book, Making Gardens, might be more aptly titled, Visiting Gardens. Displayed against a backdrop of castles, walls, pergolas, and Grecian urns, the gardens he... Read More

Book Review

Breath by Breath

by Lynn Brach

While breathing in long, one knows: “I breathe in long.” While breathing out long, one knows: “I breathe out long.” True to the title of Breath by Breath, even the act of reading led me to greater awareness. Author Larry... Read More

Book Review

Body Language

by Peter Robertson

While the more eloquent of sports writing has traditionally centered on baseball, this second collection of essays in an ongoing series of forums covers many arenas of physical endeavor with consistently fine, and occasionally exemplary,... Read More

Book Review

Embracing Your Potential

by L. A. Newkirk

Terry Orlick (Psyching for Sport, In Pursuit of Excellence: How to Win in Sport and Life) gives readers a new way to think about achieving a balance of success in all aspects of life. Orlick says life is made up of two zones - the green... Read More

Book Review

The 30-Minute Decorator

by Lori Hall Steele

This home improvement book, part of the Home Magic! series, takes do-it-yourselfers quickly through a series of simple decorating projects intended to add charm and character to rooms. Most of the 300 projects look like they’d succeed,... Read More