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February 1998

Here are all of the books we've reviewed that were published February 1998.

Book Review

Ping-Li's Kite

Young Ping-Li wanted to make the best kite ever-one that would fly higher than any other kite. He went to the kite shop owned by Mr. Fo to buy the paper, sticks, and string that he needed. Mr. Fo gave Ping-Li a warning: “You must paint... Read More

Book Review

God and the Gun

by John Arens

Kurt Vonnegut once said that everything he had written could be neatly boiled down to a single sentence. After a broad confession like that, a person might respond: Why bother reading the rest of it? Not until the last fifth of the book... Read More

Book Review

The Seven Madmen

by Robin Farrell Edmunds

A book written seventy years ago has just been translated into English, giving wider audience to Argentinean author Roberto Arlt’s work. The Seven Madmen is set in Buenos Aires in the then-present-time of 1929 and opens with main... Read More

Book Review


Elaine Equi’s fine four-part collection, "Voice-Over", is marked by a freshness of view that has always been characteristic of her work. It is not that her subjects are so unusual—in fact, they tend toward ordinary experience; the... Read More

Book Review

Eastern Wisdom

by Joe Mielke

This book is 224 pages long with 163 illustrations. It has huge headings on sections that average two pages in length. And it has a publisher with the audacity to title the book Eastern Wisdom. Can the whole of Eastern thought fit... Read More

Book Review

The Sanctified Church

by Nelly Heitman

She may have died broke and virtually unknown in 1960, but the marker that Alice Walker had erected on Hurston’s grave rightly declares her “Genius of the South.” These two anthologies, a small portion of Hurston’s writings over... Read More

Book Review

Stacked Deck

by Tom Williams

Lawrence E. Mitchell’s book, Stacked Deck, is the latest title in the Temple University Press series, “America in Transition: Radical Perspectives.” In it, he argues that the typically American values of rugged individualism and... Read More

Book Review

Strong Women Deep Closets

by Dottie Webb

The eerie silence of a tenuous ‘don’t tell’ atmosphere now prevails in collegiate locker rooms and on professional playing fields across the United States Pat Griffin breaks this silence. Her controversial new book is... Read More

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