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Book Review

Love vs. Duty

by Erika Harlitz Kern

"Love vs. Duty" is an engaging fantasy romance about the difficult choice between love and duty when the future of the universe is at stake. In Nick Dream’s fantasy romance "Love vs. Duty", Greek mythology meets alien invasion as... Read More

Book Review

Chance on Safari

by Susan Waggoner

This adventure story for young readers will prove both thrilling and challenging. Set in 1930s Australia, Mark Piper’s engaging "Chance on Safari" is the first installment of the Stock and Station series. The tale combines an exotic... Read More

Book Review

The Wallenstein Testament

by Gary Presley

"The Wallenstein Testament" has all the ingredients of an enjoyable crime caper—a rapid-paced narrative, a wacky premise, and a quirky protagonist. "The Wallenstein Testament", Carlo Caldana’s San Francisco-set comic crime caper, is... Read More

Book Review

The Skull

by Michelle Anne Schingler

Quick-moving and continuously intriguing, this creepy mystery will hook and hold young readers. Elizabeth Knight’s first young adult novel is a suspense-driven tale that follows a young boy as his scruples are tested by a mysterious... Read More