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Book Review

The Aria of She

by John M. Murray

In the urban fantasy novel "The Aria of She", a young woman in a troubled relationship learns to lean on her friends, her family, and herself. In L. Margetts-Bullock’s fantasy novel "The Aria of She", a siren falls under the spell of a... Read More

Book Review


by Peter Dabbene

Cyril Pedrosa follows up his well-regarded graphic novel Portugal with the ambitious and beautifully drawn "Equinoxes", which combines the distinct stories of several modern-day individuals, and the wordless tale of a boy living... Read More

Book Review

The Literary West

by Erik Bledsoe

No other region of the United States captures the imagination like the West. From the stunning landscape photography of Ansel Adams that adorns so many suburban living room walls, to the ubiquitous consumer culture icon the Marlboro Man,... Read More