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Book Review

I Must Survive!

by Sheila M. Trask

This engaging story, with two skillfully spun parallel tales, begs to be read in one sitting. In his absorbing debut novel, Harry Simpson pairs the urgency of a soldier’s 1966 tour of duty in Vietnam with a nostalgic look at a... Read More

Book Review

White Lion

by Mark McLaughlin

“One day I tried to add up how many people I killed,” muses the main character in Walt Williams’s "White Lion", an intense and exciting story of a Vietnam War scout-sniper turned mercenary who eventually finds peace as an... Read More

Book Review

Words Jesus Spoke

by Lisa Bower

The poems in James Vasquez’s poetry collection, "Words Jesus Spoke", take some of Jesus’ famous words, like his parables, and set them to traditional rhyming verse. Everything from the seven woes to the second coming and judgment are... Read More