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Here are all of the books we've reviewed that have 91 pages.

Book Review

Walking With Ruskin

by Claire Rudy Foster

A good poem, it seems, is a delicately, perfectly crafted lie: a thin thread that coils around itself, telling a story that relates both to itself and to the world it knows we must believe in. A good poem leads us down a trail through... Read More

Book Review

One Stick Song

by Gabrielle Shaw

This book is funny, right on the money, yet terribly sad: welcome to the tradition of tragicomedy. Welcome to Indian Country. Here the Greek art form reaches it’s zenith, perfected American style, where the ridiculous, tragic,... Read More

Book Review

In Natural Light

by Laurene Sorensen

The cover page of this elegantly presented volume describes Michael Anania’s poetic territory as the Midwestern plains and the Chicago cityscape. The territory is, however, equally if not more about jazzmen and German expressionists,... Read More