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Here are all of the books we've reviewed that have 700 pages.

Book Review

Prisoners of the Third Reich

by Benjamin Welton

"Prisoners of the Third Reich" views history through the experiences of a brave but normal man and his fellow soldiers who survived the horrors of the Nazi war machine. W. E. Welbourne’s historical biography "Prisoners of the Third... Read More

Book Review

March 1917

by Jeff Fleischer

That Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn is an important chronicler of Soviet era Russia is hardly in dispute; his novels are among the most memorable depictions of that era. That’s certainly true of The Red Wheel, his massive, multi-volume account... Read More

Book Review

Goddess of Ivy

by Barbara Nickles

This is a heart-pumping, breathtaking trilogy filled with emotional and sexual tension. Fans of explicit erotica get the whole package in Carol Madison’s "Goddess of Ivy" trilogy. No romp or position goes unexplored in this epic,... Read More

Book Review

Musichound Folk

by Peter Terry

What is folk music? Is Woody Guthrie folk? How about Bob Dylan? The Byrds? Clifton Chenier? Are klezmer, zydeco and Celtic fiddling folk music? Luckily, there are some folks at MusicHound who have been working on these questions and have... Read More