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Here are all of the books we've reviewed that have 67 pages.

Book Review

Black Book of Poems

by Robert Foreman

Hunanyan’s is a collection of straightforward poems with threads of religiosity. Vincent K. Hunanyan’s "Black Book of Poems" covers topics of love, devotion, family challenges, and loss, all in a brief space. The collection is... Read More

Book Review

Office Sportz!

“From CEOs to sales people…Everyone wants the team to be engaged in their work but few have figured out how to accomplish that task” the authors write. Jeff Rogers president of a strategic communications company has teamed up with... Read More

Book Review

South of Here

by Melanie Drane

We grow up hearing the adage that “History is told by the victors”—the notion that those in power possess jurisdiction over our shared story. In authorized versions of history, the prevailing orthodoxy decides whose lives were... Read More

Book Review

Aristotle's Garden

by Camille-Yvette Welsch

This book harkens back to Gerard Manley Hopkins with its paeans to nature and consequent religiosity. Like so many before her, the poet finds resurrection and renewal in flora and fauna, quietly naming that which gives both peace and a... Read More

Book Review

The Return of Light

by Holly Chase Williams

As renowned literary critic and editor Sol Stein once said, the purpose of nonfiction is to impart information, but the purpose of fiction is to convey emotion. By this deceptively simple-sounding but all-important standard, "The Return... Read More