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Here are all of the books we've reviewed that have 407 pages.

Book Review


by Allyce Amidon

After Detective Sergeant Sean Ward is wounded in the line of duty and forced into a very early retirement from the force, he decides to take up work as a private detective specializing in cold cases. Retained by a lawyer intent on... Read More

Book Review

The Aspen Account

by John Michael Senger

Heroes in modern mystery novels come in a variety of packages, including dashingly handsome spies and crime-fighting lawyers. In Bryan Devore’s first novel, "The Aspen Account", the hero is a certified public accountant named Michael... Read More

Book Review

The Twelfth Stone

by Joey A. Kane

In this race to find a fugitive, the runaway is no criminal—she’s a fairy princess. Rionnag is fleeing a marriage that was arranged several hundred years before her birth. If this union does not occur, it could mean the end of the... Read More

Book Review

Bolt Hole

Set in Yorkshire, England, British author Adam Gontarek’s "Bolt Hole" begins quickly and tensely on a rain-drenched night. Grant Reid, a self-admitted sex addict, awaits his girlfriend Fay Crosswell for “a sexual encounter”... Read More

Book Review

Alls Well at Wellwithoute

…would he do whatever he could — even at the sacrifice of his own happiness? The lot of the English nobility isn’t what it used to be, we learn from this highly comedic first novel. As the House of Lords is reduced in size,... Read More