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Here are all of the books we've reviewed that have 35 pages.

Book Review

Let's Visit Dublin!

by Aimee Jodoin

Chihuahua: the largest state in Mexico by area. Chihuahua: the smallest breed of dog by height. Bella and Harry: a sister and brother Chihuahua pair who love visiting foreign countries. This Mom’s Choice Award-winning series, The... Read More

Book Review

The Age of Divinity

by Kristine Morris

Unsatisfied with the religious teachings he had been exposed to in his childhood and youth, spiritual teacher B. William Ball embarked on a sixty-year journey of spiritual discovery through personal study and meditation. At first,... Read More

Book Review

All About Poop

by Heather Seggel

Is there really more to be written on the subject of poop? Everybody Poops established that it’s something we all do, but for those who need more information to satisfy their curiosity, enter "All About Poop". This picture book takes... Read More

Book Review

Grandpa's Farm

by Heather Shaw

Why do people write children’s books? It’s a question we often ask in these offices as so many picture books come through our door without any clear idea of an audience. Rather, the audience appears to be the authors themselves, the... Read More