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Here are all of the books we've reviewed that have 233 pages.

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Book Review

Follow Your Dreams

by Jeannine Chartier Hanscom

Christie Simpson embarks on a wild ride of self-discovery after receiving a phone call from her husband’s mistress. The call marks the end of her marriage and the beginning of a journey in which she dabbles in everything from angels... Read More

Book Review

Such Men are Dangerous

by Rob Mitchell

When Frances Hill looks at the Bush administration’s response to the terrorist attacks of 2001, she sees striking parallels to the witch hysteria of 1692. In both instances simple-minded religious and nationalistic fervor predominated... Read More

Book Review

Too Rich and Too Thin

by Rebecca Rego

Champion, author of four other Bomber Hanson books, delivers an old-fashioned murder mystery complete with Las Vegas mobsters, a suspicious butler, and a “knockout” model named Cheryl Darling (a parody in itself). Cheryl has been... Read More

Book Review

America's Song

by John Arens

History can be enchanting. Too often it is relegated to forensic inquiry, where vast armies and larger-than-life characters engulf simple lives, at which point all present-day relevance can be lost. The genuine stuff of history, though,... Read More