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Here are all of the books we've reviewed that have 16 pages.

Book Review

Who Ate My Cakes?

by Michelle Anne Schingler

A kitten with a sweet tooth is eager to taste the delicacies she’s put aside—but others reached her donut, cheesecake, and chocolate before her! Pull back the flaps by each colorful concoction to reveal the culprits, from a snacking... Read More

Book Review

The Cow Who Said Wow!

by Carol Davala

"The Cow Who Said Wow!" is an enticing, hands-on board book for active little ones and first time readers. John Perkinson’s interactive board book, "The Cow Who Said Wow!", is a creative introduction to life on the farm. With each turn... Read More

Book Review

All Mine!

by Pallas Gates McCorquodale

A patient teacher helps a group of temperamental toddlers peacefully navigate the dos and don’ts of sharing toys at playtime in a surprising story about encouraging the development of generosity through ownership. Young children will... Read More

Book Review

Cinnamon Diamonds

by Whitney C. Harris

This bite-sized taste of microhistory relives the invention of the doughnut. "Cinnamon Diamonds" is Mark Piper’s brief retelling of the origin story of the doughnut. The book lends dramatic flair to the history, with moments of rich... Read More

Book Review

Keisha's Coat

by Kristine Morris

Fun story and expressive illustrations are sure to attract attention of first- and second-graders. Fun-loving Keisha wants to be noticed, and she has found some unusual ways to get the attention she craves, especially at school.... Read More

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