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Bending Time

The Power to Live in the Now

Clarion Rating: 4 out of 5

Bending Time presents ideas that are logical and convincing, familiar enough to be comfortable yet challenging and well-reasoned enough to be motivating.

In Bending Time, Patrick Paul Garlinger channels messages from a “Council of Light” that reveal how to bend time and space and enter a new world, one in which real change is possible and limited only by the imagination.

Through Garlinger, the mysterious Council makes it clear that trying to change the self, a life situation, or the wider world using old techniques and tools only results in replicating the past in a new form. A look at the work of some of the most creative minds on the planet is used to prove this principle.

For example, the text claims that despite new technologies, fantastic imagery, and the addition of magical effects, films set in the future only manage to roll out the same tiresome conflict, greed, exploitation, murders, and war that have repeatedly occurred in the past and continue in the present. And people ending a troubled relationship often end up with similar difficulties with a new partner. One of the book’s chief aims is to explain why such repetitions are the rule, and to transmit an understanding of what it takes to make real change. The techniques it encourages are readily accessible and easy to implement.

Bending Time celebrates even the most mundane human experiences as miracles filled with potential for change and growth. In each moment, it argues, human beings have the capacity to bring forth a new future. The book has a fresh, vital approach to dealing with current problems and creating a future free of them.

Garlinger’s transmission of the Council’s message, with its invitation to learn how to bend time and space and use the skill in everyday life, flows smoothly in a conversational, encouraging tone. Arguments are logical and well-reasoned. No background in physics or psychology, or adherence to a particular religious or spiritual path, is required to benefit from these teachings.

The concept of bending time also involves aligning with what the book calls the “Christ Consciousness,” a higher vibratory frequency that allows reality to be perceived as it is, without being chained to past memories, emotions, and habitual responses. Teachings take into account the human ego’s fear of death and annihilation, which causes us to hold on to old experiences, hurts, viewpoints, and fears.

Garlinger presents himself as an initially reluctant channel for these messages, but still transmits them with confidence, style, and grace. Bending Time presents ideas that are logical and convincing, familiar enough to be comfortable yet challenging and well-reasoned enough to be motivating.

Reviewed by Kristine Morris

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