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Avatars of Consciousness

Awaken to Your Divine Destiny

Clarion Rating: 3 out of 5

More than at any other time in recent history, human beings are exploring the metaphysical realm, as evidenced through the popularity of such spirituaul teachers as Eckhart Tolle and Wayne Dyer. In order to bring peace into a turbulent world, people are studying, learning, and practicing to “search for a connection to our Source.” Avatars of Consciousness: Awaken to Your Divine Destiny is a roadmap for just such a journey. Through one woman’s experience, the book attempts to answer big questions: Who am I? What is the ultimate purpose of life? Does consciousness continue after death?

A mystic, spiritual teacher, and intuitive soul counselor, Carol Romine began her spiritual journey following a brush with mortality at an early age, one that afforded a glimpse into a benevolent place, a place she would never forget. Though she was perhaps too young to cogitate on what had transpired, she realized the importance of the event. Since that time, she has become “someone who seeks direct communion with the divine.”

From that shift in her consciousness, moments of truth and precognition have been as rife as robins in spring; they are the warnings and guideposts that shape her existence. Avatars of Consciousness is, at times, a very personal and informal story, relayed in a style that may result in either an inability to give credence to the material (in light of such awkward and inappropriate interjections as, “Huh? What the heck is happening?”), or greater empathy owing to its personal approach.

The author presents extreme possibilities—such as raised consciousness affecting large matter as well as being—which may elicit skepticism as well as head-nodding acceptance from the reader. And yet she makes a strong, logical case for the power of increased consciousness. It could be said that much of the spiritual instruction in the book is a reiteration of the work of many others who promote the idea that people can shape their lives with intention and manifestation. Romine takes these concepts to a more detailed level, however, breaking them into specific types of consciousness. Unfortunately, sometimes the multitude of theories and the plethora of definitions and details she presents can be overwhelming and difficult to understand.

The text is a bit weak in describing the process required to find a higher consciousness. Additionally, there are some minor flaws in the writing, such as switching tenses from past to present, and there are a few too many repetitive examples of the author’s own awakening.

Romine’s spiritualism, as presented in the book, is of a very technical, very complex nature. With Avatars of Consciousness, Romine offers a powerful concept through which she endeavors to take individuals to a new state of being. For anyone on a true and concerted spiritual journey, it is a sparkling concept once grasped: “We are not just observers of the ocean of consciousness, nor are we just participants as ocean of consciousness drops; rather, we are consciousness itself.”

Reviewed by Donna Russo Morin

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