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Astrology and Relationships

Techniques for Harmonious Personal Connections

The metaphysical science of astrology offers a model of personality characteristics viewed through the lens of the heavens. Starting with the Sun, the “heart” of the personality, Astrology and Relationships takes the reader through descriptions of each planet within the twelve zodiac signs, helps people understand how the planets within the signs manifest in particular behavior patterns, and provides exercises to awaken each planet’s energy within the self. According to the author, understanding the effects of the planets can lead to better understanding between partners in relationships.
For example, Mercury, the planet of communication, rules the mind and determines how the individual makes sense of the world. Communication is the ?hub that connects every other aspect of the relationship together,? and good communication is vital to the health of a relationship. To illustrate the way Mercury affects behavior, the author describes a relationship in which one partner has Mercury in Capricorn, so her communication patterns are funneled through a serious and practical mind. The other partner in the relationship has Mercury in Gemini, so he tends to leap from one idea to another with wit and humor.

In this scenario, the person with Mercury in Capricorn may grit her teeth at what she perceives as her partner’s scattered and frivolous nature, while he may yawn at her emphasis on the practical application of ideas. This does not mean that a relationship between these two is impossible. Each can benefit from the strengths and challenges of Mercury in both Capricorn and Gemini. They simply need a common ground for dialogue; they can obtain this by reading the section on “Understanding Mercury in Others,” which gives a look into the typical thought patterns associated with Mercury in each sign.

The book contains an ephemeris from 1900 to 2005, which enables the reader to determine the signs of each planet in his or her horoscope. Detailed descriptions of all the planets allow the reader to use astrology to view the behavior of each person within any relationship.

Reviewed by Carol Lynn Stewart

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