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Book Reviews

A Walk in New York

A Walk in New York is the book, whether you’re planning a trip or just showing a youngster how the city people live. Isn’t it funny how so many of them angle forward in a rush? Sidewalks bustle with street musicians, school outings, pigeons, and little dogs on leashes. Perspective and height is magnificently handled with Rubbino’s use of transparency, his diversity of medium and stroke in the illustrations: the New York Public Library is raw silk grey, Broadway cavernous shadows and delicate human silhouettes. In a fold-up section, the Empire State Building rises in broad strokes of crayon and whirling seagulls. There are brown gardens of rooftops, picnics with squirrels, and saxophones on fire escapes. The text follows a boy and his father as they arrive by train for their day-long tour; lots of discreet captions explain the attractions. After the sun sets behind the Statue of Liberty, the two visitors fly through neon back to Grand Central. Don’t miss the train! Don’t miss this exhilarating book! Great as a gift and for reading at home.

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