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Here are all of the books we've reviewed that have 40 pages.

Book Review

Taxi Ride with Victor

by Michelle Anne Schingler

With four arms and a terrible sense of direction, Victor is not the most outwardly efficient interstellar taxi driver—but he is the one you’ll most want to pick you up by the end of this zany, alien-laden, humorously detailed picture... Read More

Book Review

Moon’s First Friends

by Michelle Anne Schingler

With subtle celebrations of exploration and inventiveness, "Moon’s First Friends" works toward the Apollo 11 landing from a singular perspective: that of the moon upon which the vessel landed. The beautiful, lonely moon waits for her... Read More

Book Review

The Wall

by Pallas Gates McCorquodale

In this children’s cautionary tale for the twenty-first century, a small-minded king learns the value of diversity when he attempts to control his kingdom with a wall of stone. Visually compelling, the wall’s pop-up structure... Read More

Book Review

Don't Drink the Pink

by Alex Dailey

Joyful and curious characters enliven this spirited picture book about a grandfather’s magical gifts to his granddaughter. In B. C. R. Fegan’s imaginative children’s picture book Don’t Drink the Pink , a quirky grandfather and... Read More

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