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Here are all of the books we've reviewed that have 40 pages.

Book Review

Paradise Sands

by Michelle Anne Schingler

Haunting and surreal, this fantasy tale for young readers follows four siblings on a melancholy trip to visit their ailing mother. On the way, they stop to gather flowers; they enter into a mysterious palace that threatens to hold them... Read More

Book Review

Waking Beauty

by Jeana Jorgensen

Rebecca Solnit’s "Waking Beauty" is a fantasy fairy tale retelling that blends feminist themes with whimsical musings. What if Sleeping Beauty had a sister? The cursed daughter of the traditional fairy tale, Ida, falls into the... Read More

Book Review

The Crystal Beads

by Randi Hacker

A Holocaust tale for young readers, "The Crystal Beads" is about the universal natures of survival, heroism, sacrifice, and compassion during wartime. Set during World War II, Pat Black-Gould’s picture book "The Crystal Beads" follows... Read More

Book Review

National Parks A-Z

by Michelle Anne Schingler

Celebrate wild, protected spaces and species across the US (from Florida to the Alaskan fjords) in this fun, educational trip through its national parks. The book’s appetite is ambitious, with multiple facts on each page (including... Read More

Book Review

Nothing Special

by Danielle Ballantyne

Jax lives in Detroit. He expects his week-long visit to his grandparents in coastal Virginia to take the shape of his city summers—going to the movies, visiting the zoo, and shopping for new toys. But Jax’s grandpa has other ideas.... Read More

Book Review

I Miss You

by Catherine Thureson

Gioia Guerzoni’s "I Miss You" is a beautiful book of exercises designed to quell longing for absent people, places, and things. This work recognizes a variety of scenarios in which one might yearn. For those missing a person, the book... Read More

Book Review

The Unique Beak

by Manik Chaturmutha

"The Unique Beak" is a heartwarming children’s book about embracing the qualities that make you an individual. Estani and Sophia Frizzell’s picture book "The Unique Beak" focuses on the power of accepting one’s distinctiveness and... Read More

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