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A Pure Double Cross

Book One of the American Spy Trilogy

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Tough, you say you want tough? Tough as nails? How about Mike Hammer on steroids tough? In A Pure Double Cross (Blue Steel Press, 978-0-9743199-1-9), even tough guy Hal Schroeder’s landlady is tough. When he tracks bloody footprints through the hallway, she offers to make him a nice breakfast. “Then,” she says, “you’ll get down on your hands and knees and scrub the carpet. Clean.”

This is a minor diversion for double-crossing ex-spy Hal, who’s busy infiltrating the Cleveland mob-the Cleveland right after World War II being darker than Gotham City. His target: the mysterious Mr. Big (yep, that’s his moniker). With author John Knoerle’s snappy, sometimes comic book approach, THIS IS FUN STUFF, sometimes funny, and sometimes unintentionally funny.

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