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For every celebrated work of art there is surely someone willing to steal it. Most of us remain obediently behind the velvet ropes that keep us from edging too close to a... Read More

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Toward You

A cursing dog, a rosebush that channels the dead, an eight-year-old rabies victim and a man who looks strangely like a capybara all collide—together with a multitude of baked... Read More

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Oscar Wilde said, “All art is at once surface and symbol. Those who go beneath the surface do so at their peril.” He might have been describing the strange adventures of... Read More

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Hot Springs

Filled with strangely dysfunctional people, this unusual novel careens from Baltimore to Colorado and back again as two women struggle over possession of five-year-old Emily.... Read More

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Girl Factory

Is it possible to make yogurt—that bland, colorless, jiggling bowl of prosaic foodstuff— into a substance that’s not only creepy, but slightly macabre? If so, novelist and... Read More