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Unholy Land

There are some who know many faces of the divine, but their knowledge is not necessarily desirable. Lavie Tidhar’s stunning science fiction adventure, "Unholy Land", moves... Read More

Book Review

In Calabria

Fans of The Last Unicorn will recognize Peter S. Beagle’s signature style immediately in his new novel, In Calabria. Touching gently on themes of faith, mythology, and poetry,... Read More

Book Review


The stories are what they need to be, and if that involves a doglike alien’s wordless meeting with a shepherd, so be it. Jacob Weisman settles—or perhaps provokes—the... Read More

Book Review

Olympic Games

In the humorous style of Tom Robbins, this novel tells an amusing yet wise story about love and power. Its quirky, recognizable characters act out a comedy of errors, replaying... Read More