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Books We've Reviewed from Boa Editions

Book Review

The Fortieth Day

In the first poem of Kazim Ali’s latest collection, The Fortieth Day, God gives way to Lostness, and questions become more important than answers. The search for understanding... Read More

Book Review

Probable Lives

This goofy book will please literati and iconoclasts alike, and should engage a sustained interest as well among those who merely like to read good poetry. In it, a fictional... Read More

Book Review

Desire Lines

Late at night, sitting in a greasy spoon, drinking bitter coffee, one eavesdrops on the conversation taking place in the next booth; the sardonic or exhausted tone expresses the... Read More

Book Review

Life Watch

Imagine that a human life might use as its sole metaphor a watch. Said watch becomes a symbol for the relationship of a boy with his fun, philandering father who sells watches... Read More

Book Review

Tell Me

Addonizio’s tough-girl persona winds through the late-night bars, the abusive relationships, the strip joints, cigarettes, and discarded clothing of Tell Me with an exquisite... Read More

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