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Unlucky Lucky Days

The stories of "Unlucky Lucky Days" are the kind grown-up readers have probably forgotten how to enjoy. Part fable, part creation myth, these seventy-three whimsical tales by... Read More

Book Review

Probable Lives

This goofy book will please literati and iconoclasts alike, and should engage a sustained interest as well among those who merely like to read good poetry. In it, a fictional... Read More

Book Review

Desire Lines

Late at night, sitting in a greasy spoon, drinking bitter coffee, one eavesdrops on the conversation taking place in the next booth; the sardonic or exhausted tone expresses the... Read More

Book Review

Life Watch

Imagine that a human life might use as its sole metaphor a watch. Said watch becomes a symbol for the relationship of a boy with his fun, philandering father who sells watches... Read More

Book Review

Tell Me

Addonizio’s tough-girl persona winds through the late-night bars, the abusive relationships, the strip joints, cigarettes, and discarded clothing of Tell Me with an exquisite... Read More

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