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No More Romance on Valentine's Day

by Hannah Hohman

On Valentine’s Day love can feel like it’s…too much. It’s everywhere. If the presents in the stores look silly to you, the gushy looks make you gag, and the only thing you think Valentine’s Day is good for is the cheap candy... Read More


The Search of Origins

by Letitia Montgomery-Rogers

A fascinating blend of bona fide history alongside historical fiction, these books peel back the past and insist on origins. Whether it’s a comb through archaeological artifacts or an investigation into the unresolved psychological... Read More


Front and Center

by Jeff Fleischer

These eight biographies range from a legendary soccer coach surviving the Holocaust to a Peruvian activist fighting for reform to Texas’s favorite satirist and songwriter sharing his stories. Though they have little in common, each is... Read More


Love on the Move

by Claire Foster

How do you measure love? By its intensity, its capacity to change the world? This fall’s indie romances ask readers to see differently, appreciate the unfamiliar, and fall in love with what’s new and dazzling. From a goblin-haunted... Read More

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