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Mission: “Open Letter—the University of Rochester’s nonprofit, literary translation press—is one of only a handful of publishing houses dedicated to increasing access to world literature for English readers. Publishing ten titles in translation each year and running an online literary website called Three Percent, Open Letter searches for works that are extraordinary and influential, works that we hope will become the classics of tomorrow”

Publisher: Chad W. Post


Chronicle of the Murdered House by Lúcio Cardoso, Translated by Margaret Jull Costa & Robin Patterson

Bardo or Not Bardo by Antoine Volodine, Translated by J. T. Mahany

War, So Much War by Mercè Rodoreda, Translated by Maruxa Relaño & Martha Tennent

The Physics of Sorrow by Georgi Gospodinov, Translated by Angela Rodel

Lies, First Person by Gail Hareven, Translated by Dalya Bilu

A Thousand Forests in One Acorn: An Anthology of Spanish-Language Fiction by Valerie Miles

Everything Happens as It Does by Albena Stambolova

Two or Three Years Later: Forty-Nine Digressions by Ror Wolf, Translated by Jennifer Marquart

The Planets by Sergio Chejfec

Scars by Juan Jose Saer, Translated by Steve Dolph

The Guinea Pigs by Ludvik Vaculik, Translated by Kaca Polackava

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