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Mission: “Under the Bitter Lemon Press imprint we aim to bring our readers high quality thrillers and other contemporary crime fiction books from abroad. We are dedicated to the crime genre and publish dark, sexy and often humorous novels that expose the seamier side of society.”

Year Founded: 2003


Chain of Custody by Anita Nair

A Man of Genius by Janet Todd

The Body Snatcher by Patrícia Melo, Translated by Clifford E. Landers

A Dark Song of Blood by Ben Pastor

A Crack in the Wall by Claudia Pineiro, Translated by Miranda France

All Yours by Claudia Pineiro, Translated by Miranda France

Hotel Bosphorus by Esmahan Aykol, Translated by Ruth Whitehouse

Entanglement by Zygmunt Miloszewski

The Lie by Petra Hammesfahr, Translated by Mike Mitchell

A Jew Must Die: A Novel Based on a True Story by Jacques Chessex, Translated by W. Donald Wilson

Rage by Sergio Bizzio


Baghdad Central by Elliott Colla. 2014 SILVER Winner for Thriller & Suspense

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