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Where Are We Going?

by Peter Debbene

What comes to your mind when you pick up a graphic novel? Is it the pictures? The plot? What if instead, the thought was the destination? Graphic novels can take you anywhere, and with the pictures, you can be there in the moment. So pick... Read More


Who Are You?

by Catherine Reed Thureson

As Alice is famously asked while traipsing through Wonderland; Who are you? As she makes her way through everything that Wonderland throws at her, the question becomes more important, and the answer more obscure. In young adult books, the... Read More


Thrill Seekers Beware

by Claire Rudy Foster

Feeling tense? Good. The summer’s best mysteries are packed with harrowing escapes, high risk thrills, and hard-boiled sleuths. These thrillers find adventure around the world, from the peaks of Nepal to the English countryside. Turn up... Read More


Mapping the Territory Inside

by Letitia Montgomery-Rodgers

We’re all travelers. Every day, we traverse our interior landscapes whether or not our bodies cover new terrain or the same familiar routines. The memoirist’s gift is the ability to note that movement and draw us into the moment with... Read More


Where in the World

by Barry Silverstein

There are more beautiful places on Earth than are truly fathomable. And yet, climate change is driving those places into further obscurity, overtaking them. Where in the world will be safe? What can we do? Read these six books from our... Read More


The End of Innocence

by Kristine Morris

1968 was the capstone of a decade of extremes. While often characterized as a time of free love, expanding sexual options, and belief in the possibility of peace and freedom, these books pull us up hard with reminders that 1968 was also... Read More


The World Awaits

by Pallas Gates McCorquodale

The world that awaits children is big—not just big, humongous. Colossal. At least, compared to the size of a kid. And yet, we take tiny portions of it to give to them every day, telling them about what is out there for them to explore.... Read More

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