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State of Unrest

by Kara Hansen

This past year and a half has been tumultuous, as was expected by many when a man lacking basic humanitarian values was elected president of the US. With a multitude of shootings, families being separated at the border, a prejudiced... Read More


The End of Innocence

by Kristine Morris

1968 was the capstone of a decade of extremes. While often characterized as a time of free love, expanding sexual options, and belief in the possibility of peace and freedom, these books pull us up hard with reminders that 1968 was also... Read More



by Hannah Hohman

While the new POTUS may not be the reader our last president was, it’s never too late to learn to love books. To start the next four years off right, we suggest he pick up any of the books reviewed below. For advice, insight, and some... Read More

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