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Book Review

Point Option

by Dontaná McPherson-Joseph

"Point Option" is a thrilling time travel story that’s wrapped in the smooth steel of a military at-sea operation. A US Navy strike group is overtaken by a strange weather phenomenon in Ian A. O’Connor’s military thriller "Point... Read More

Book Review

Eudora Space Kid

by Ian Dailey

Sure to excite young readers, the welcoming science fiction novel "Eudora Space Kid" explores the galaxy via an audacious girl. In David Horn’s science fiction novel Eudora Space Kid, a mischievous child who lives on a spaceship... Read More

2020 Finalist for Science Fiction

2020 Finalist for Science Fiction

Book Review

They Will Be Coming for Us

by John M. Murray

In the eerie thriller "They Will Be Coming for Us", a new mother combats paranormal forces. In Kim Catanzarite’s thriller "They Will Be Coming for Us", an ancient secret forces a new mother to go to extremes in order to protect her... Read More

Book Review


by Sara Budzik

In the exciting science fiction thriller "Percivious", the government may be withholding science related to human evolution. In medical doctor A. J. Cook and J. J. Cook’s science fiction thriller Percivious Insomnia, mindbending... Read More

Book Review


by Benjamin Welton

In the futuristic world of John Graham’s "Seraph", voidstalkers fight a rogue conspiracy that threatens all of humanity. In John Graham’s science fiction thriller "Seraph", the future includes a group of genetically enhanced,... Read More

Book Review

Brink of Life

by Letitia Montgomery-Rodgers

"Brink of Life" is filled with new complications and ramifications for the series’ consideration of eternal life. Rick Moskovitz’s science fiction novel "Brink of Life" continues the story of those affected by clandestine contracts... Read More

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