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Book Review

Who's There?

by George Hajjar

Who’s There? unites folktales with modern domestic horrors, resulting in a chilling collection. The five surprising horror stories in Dimas Rio’s Who’s There? mobilize fear to question religious piety, the makings of monsters, how... Read More

Book Review

The Heartsick Diaspora

by Ho Lin

Riffing on the collisions between tradition and modernity, Elaine Chiew’s winsome, playful, and sometimes wistful short story collection "The Heartsick Diaspora" hopscotches across continents and time periods, focusing on Malaysians at... Read More

Book Review

A House Is a Body

by Ho Lin

Powered by intense imagery and jolts of frank sexuality, Shruti Swamy’s "A House Is a Body" blurs the line between fantastical and naturalistic storytelling with its tales of love, loss, and life lived across cultures. “Blindness”... Read More

Book Review


by Karla Strand

Ashleigh Bryant Phillips’s gritty short story collection "Sleepovers" is bold in exploring rural life in the US South. Its entries reflect upon family, childhood, relationships, and loss against backdrops of poverty, abuse, and... Read More

Book Review

In Suspension

by Mari Carlson

"In Suspension" is a refreshing collection in which parochial life is addressed with hope and style. The short stories and graphic art of John Tarpey’s "In Suspension" are set in rural Ireland. Bored patrons and the senior citizens... Read More

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