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Book Review

In Season's Dream

by Mari Carlson

In this original, ambitious, and unexpected poetry collection, the seasons are mined for meaning in verses that impart dreams and share a new perspective on reality. R. Tirrell Leonard Jr.‘s seasonal poetry collection In Season’s... Read More

Book Review

Under Vesuvius

by Katerie Prior

"Under Vesuvius" is a creative text that combines travel memories with fun poems and personal reflections. Part travelogue, part personal narrative, and part poetry collection, Richard Haffey’s "Under Vesuvius" follows travels through... Read More

Book Review

Human Destiny

by Karen Rigby

The historical novel "Human Destiny" follows an earnest young man’s missions in the outback. In H. B. Waldegrave’s whimsical historical novel "Human Destiny", a Queensland boy witnesses an otherworldly intervention in the clash... Read More

Book Review

Hear Our Cry

by Aimee Jodoin

"Hear Our Cry" is a medical memoir that makes a compelling, emotional argument for biotherapy and compassion in wound care. Part memoir, part medical text, Aletha W. Tippett’s "Hear Our Cry" is both emotional and logical as it... Read More

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