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Book Review

Human Destiny

by Karen Rigby

The historical novel "Human Destiny" follows an earnest young man’s missions in the outback. In H. B. Waldegrave’s whimsical historical novel "Human Destiny", a Queensland boy witnesses an otherworldly intervention in the clash... Read More

Book Review

Hear Our Cry

by Aimee Jodoin

"Hear Our Cry" is a medical memoir that makes a compelling, emotional argument for biotherapy and compassion in wound care. Part memoir, part medical text, Aletha W. Tippett’s "Hear Our Cry" is both emotional and logical as it... Read More

Book Review

Down from the Mountain

by Joe Taylor

Most concerned with time spent in the Australian military, "Down from the Mountain" is a motivational memoir about a lifetime of leadership. Brian Vickery’s memoir "Down from the Mountain" tracks his distinguished military career in... Read More

Book Review

The Other Side of the Ocean

by Edith Wairimu

"The Other Side of the Ocean" is a powerful historical novel about surviving the traumas of civil war and the struggles of refugees abroad. Heartrending and hopeful, Beverley Bell’s historical novel "The Other Side of the Ocean" covers... Read More

Book Review

The Last Eternal Sun

by Jeremiah Rood

With its complex blend of mythological elements and advanced tech, the science fiction novel "The Last Eternal Sun" wonders about the origins of the universe, and about humanity’s place inside of it. In Merlin Turtle’s labyrinthian... Read More

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