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Book Review

Jesus Christ Divided

by Jeremiah Rood

LaFond’s enthusiasm for his representation of Saint Paul is infectious; he lays out his ideas in the manner of a scholastic mystery. Michael LaFond’s fascinating, bold religious history "Jesus Christ Divided" reimagines Paul the... Read More

Book Review

A Bear on Trial

by Mari Carlson

"A Bear on Trial" is an eye-opening political saga concerned with the fates of bears and humans, too. A mountain bear upends a mayor’s burgeoning career in Jiannina Camillo’s novel "A Bear on Trial", which was inspired by true... Read More

Book Review

Elephants in My Room

by Wendy Hinman

Driven by its faith in the transformative power of humor, Elephants in my Room is a lighthearted personal collection. Christie Nicholls’s Elephants in my Room is a quirky collection of personal stories. First focused on travel with... Read More

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