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2016 Finalist for Literary

2016 Finalist for Autobiography & Memoir

Book Review

Lean Gains

by Charlene Oldham

Both a scientific overview and blueprint for implementation, this work examines strategies for weight loss and muscle maintenance. "Lean Gains" by Jonathan S. Lee offers readers an overview of the science behind losing fat while... Read More

Book Review


by Andrea Hammer

Those mourning lost love or celebrating found love will find escaping into this collection to be a memorable trip. Candice Lee searches for inner harmony in Escapism: Words + Photos, a collection of confessional poetry and majestic... Read More

Book Review

Spiritual Traditions of India

by Hannah Hohman

Hindu imagery of gods, goddesses, chakras, and planets, and other drawings of classic Indian scenery—all paired with meditative excerpts from the author’s books—will both focus the mind and lead to a relaxing coloring experience. Read More

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