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2013 Finalist for Gay & Lesbian

2013 Finalist for Gay & Lesbian

Book Review

The Cure

by Michelle Anne Schingler

A guide for Christians to live humbly in a secular world, this book is a thoughtful addition to spiritual literature. Steve Byrens, a former missionary who graduated from Liberty University, presents an evocative, Gospel-based spiritual... Read More

Book Review

The Loathly Lady

by Leia Menlove

This sword-and-sorcery fantasy contains a few spicy differences from the usual fare. John Lawson’s "The Loathly Lady" inhabits that familiar terrain of the sword-and-sorcery fantasy. True to its hallowed tradition, this world is rife... Read More

Book Review

Beyond Beliefs

by Barbara Bamberger Scott

A Christian philosopher mixes logic and faith to produce his own map to God as an experience and not merely an idea. John David Geib, a proponent of Christian philosophy, believes that to get “beyond beliefs” one has to accept God as... Read More

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