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2013 Finalist for Social Sciences

Book Review

The Keeper of the Stone

by Maya Fleischmann

The narrative of this insightful novel creates a sense of the cognitive journey through vivid observations. In "The Keeper of the Stone", by J. E. Jardine, an engaging and contemplative modern parable, a disenchanted journalist is thrown... Read More

Book Review


by Melissa Wuske

An insane narrator with a humorously self-aware voice accentuates the rich narrative of this intriguing sci-fi novel. "Semmant", Vadim Babenko’s third novel, is a science-fiction story with a literary novel’s attention to the details... Read More

Book Review

The Face of Agamemnon

by Mark McLaughlin

John Galway’s tale about elderly former KGB and SS officers battling over a hoard of stolen art treasures and Nazi gold nearly half a century after the end of World War II is a well-paced and intriguing page-turner. Galway, a... Read More

Book Review

The Phantom of April

by Julie Harthill Clayton

Jack Lumin, the central character in Heath Frye’s compelling novel, "The Phantom of April", is a God-fearing Christian. And although his faith is occasionally tested in this spiritually rich story that incorporates Bible study,... Read More

Book Review

E. B. White on Dogs

by Teresa Scollon

While writing numerous animal characters in his children’s books, E. B. White also scribed humorous biographical essays documenting his observations of man’s best friend—collected here. E. B. White has been called a defining voice... Read More

Book Review

The Vintage Years

by Kristine Morris

“I once heard that most people die with music in their heart,” said cello teacher Biana Kovic. Wanting to do something about it, the young woman sought volunteers for a project she had in mind: to find out if older people could learn... Read More

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