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Book Review

Whose Home Is It?

by Michelle Anne Schingler

This cute, informative board book with pop-up panels reveals the wilderness homes of varied creatures. In it: a little snail wishes he had a covered space to reside in, but every possibility he encounters is already occupied, from a... Read More

Book Review

All Good Quests

by Karen Rigby

In the vibrant novel "All Good Quests", an impulsive, troubled man reckons with himself in the dramatic Alaskan wilderness. A freelance journalist tracks a tech industry billionaire who vanished in Joe Graber’s captivating adventure... Read More

Book Review


by Randi Hacker

"Espoused" is a clever satirical novel whose approach to marriage, commitment, and love is thought provoking. In Jean Marie Davis’s satirical novel "Espoused", marriages are legally dissolved after fifteen years, and those who wish to... Read More

Book Review

On Property

by Eileen Gonzalez

In his brief text "On Property", Rinaldo Walcott makes a case for the abolition of property and the criminal justice system. As far as most people, particularly white people, are concerned, abolition was a one-time event that freed... Read More

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