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Book Review

Whoever You Are

by Danielle Ballantyne

Tackling the complexities of love and gender, this inclusive board book assures children “I’m not here to judge. I’m just here to find out.” Bright colors and minimalist illustrations make this inclusive, rhyming book engaging... Read More

Book Review

The Math Kids

by Ho Lin

The Math Kids, an intrepid problem-solving quartet, have cracked mysteries both large and small. In their latest adventure, A Knotty Problem, they come up against their steepest challenge yet: the possibility that they could break up.... Read More

Book Review

The War on All Fronts

by Karen Rigby

A fledgling romance is the focus of Kim Oclon’s sensitive historical novel "The War on All Fronts". In 1967, high school graduates Anthony and Sam are poised to separate. One is bound for basic training by choice, and the other aims... Read More

Book Review

Lucy and Dee

by Karen Rigby

"Lucy and Dee" is an appealing fantasy novel in which two friends go on a wondrous adventure in a magical land. In Kirsten Marion’s absorbing fantasy novel "Lucy and Dee", two friends help a young royal to fulfill his calling, despite... Read More

Book Review

Whose Home Is It?

by Michelle Anne Schingler

This cute, informative board book with pop-up panels reveals the wilderness homes of varied creatures. In it: a little snail wishes he had a covered space to reside in, but every possibility he encounters is already occupied, from a... Read More

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