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Book Review

Simon's Mansion

by Eileen Gonzalez

Expressive descriptions and heart-wrenching exchanges make Simon’s Mansion a raw LGBTQ+ novel. Past mistakes haunt a recovering drug addict in William Poe’s intense novel Simon’s Mansion. After surviving a religious cult and... Read More

Book Review

One to Ten

by Karen Rigby

In the beautifully illustrated "One to Ten", optimism is an active, thoughtful choice. Carole P. Roman’s One to Ten: Squirrel’s Bad Day is a therapeutic tale is elevated by Bulgarian illustrator Mateya Arkova’s nostalgic style.... Read More

Book Review

Drink with the Devil

by Julia Ann Charpentier

An uncommon mix of Little House on the Prairie and The Sopranos, this unique thriller grabs both ends of the moral spectrum. This romantic thriller edges into the crime genre with a sordid look at vindictive undermining and lack of... Read More

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