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2016 SILVER Winner for Child Author (17 and Under)

2015 BRONZE Winner for War & Military

2010 Finalist for Travel Essays

2009 Finalist for Young Adult Fiction

2006 Finalist for General

Book Review

The Death Bet

by Lynn Evarts

Coastal locales illustratively described bring an exotic setting to this fast-paced business espionage thriller. Life insurance policies used to be peace of mind—a financial cushion—for a person’s loved ones. What happens when life... Read More

Book Review

Shaken in the Water

by Diane Gardner

Fate and faith, curse and coincidence—through vividly imagined characters, Jessica Penner creates a complex journey through dark places that follow generations. In 1903, a baby girl, Agnes, is born into an ultra-conservative Mennonite... Read More

Book Review

Our Interplanetary Future

Yesterday’s science fiction and fantasy is rapidly becoming the science fact of today. Astonishing developments in the field of astronomy, including the possible detection of water on our moon and Mars and the discovery of Super Earths... Read More

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