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Book Review

Tokyo Traffic

by Benjamin Welton

Taut and terse, this noir novel is executed to perfection. Michael Pronko’s "Tokyo Traffic" is a hard-boiled murder mystery featuring the tough but lovable Detective Hiroshi Shimizu. At the dark novel’s heart is Sukanya, a Bangkok... Read More

2019 GOLD Winner for Family & Relationships

2019 SILVER Winner for Mystery

Book Review

Munching on the Sun

by Laura Leavitt

"Munching on the Sun" encapsulates what it is like to have big questions about life while you’re falling in love and growing up. Mark Paul Oleksiw’s realistic coming-of-age novel "Munching on the Sun" focuses on an emotional young... Read More

2018 BRONZE Winner for Young Adult Fiction

2018 Finalist for War & Military

2018 Finalist for LGBT

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