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Book Review

Infants of the Brush

by Karen Rigby

"Infants of the Brush" is a captivating, emotional story that speaks to the powerful will to survive. A novel about indentured boys who fight to earn five guineas for their freedom, Infants of the Brush: A Chimney Sweep’s Story... Read More

Book Review

The Drakos Effect

by John M. Murray

"The Drakos Effect" is an absorbing science fiction parable that unfolds with heart, action, and thoughtfulness. In Joe Sharcoff’s captivating and polished "The Drakos Effect", an enthusiastic astrobiologist and an unusual alien work... Read More

2017 HONORABLE Mention for Humor

2017 BRONZE Winner for Adventure & Recreation

Book Review

Counter-Zombie Warfare

by John M. Murray

"Counter-Zombie Warfare" enlivens the undead genre by focusing on the elite squad tasked with squashing the zombie outbreak before it begins. Jason A. Beauchemin’s "Counter-Zombie Warfare" is an all-too-realistic take on the zombie... Read More

Book Review

Secrets and Shadows

by Delia Stanley

"Secrets and Shadows" is captivating historical fiction, blending huge events and minutiae with grace and detail. Poetic and emotional, "Secrets and Shadows" by Roberta Silman explores marriage, forgiveness, and trauma through the lens... Read More

Book Review

Restless Secrets

by Benjamin Welton

"Restless Secrets" is a well-wrought depiction of everyday life, even if that life is a little strange. "Restless Secrets" seamlessly weaves together three novellas about the lives of very different yet all very tough and durable women.... Read More

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