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You Are Today's Women of the Bible and I Can Prove It

I Am a Child of God, and I Am Woman

Clarion Rating: 4 out of 5

Today’s Women of the Bible empowers women to see themselves in the holy parables of the Bible and apply its lessons to their lives.

From Abigail to Zipporah, the Bible is full of spiritual, vibrant, and powerful women. Although God and Jesus are personified as male (He, Him, His), femininity is crucial in Christianity, too. You Are Today’s Women of the Bible and I Can Prove It honors the profound role that women have historically played in the Christian faith and connects stories of biblical women to the experiences of women today.

Author Darci Jeffries is a retired ICU/ER nurse, spiritual coach, mother, grandmother, and woman of faith. Today’s Women of the Bible jumps into biblical study with boldness and humor. It claims the role of women as intrinsically valuable and vital to faith: yes, Jeffries, says, you’re allowed to read the Bible as a love letter from God. Yes, Jesus belongs to you, too: “It struck me that if God were going to write the Bible two years from now, who would He put in it? Us! It would be each one of us, even if we are not walking with God right now.”

Today’s Women of the Bible is a refreshing approach to empowered scripture, written with the goal of getting more women working with others for God’s kingdom. In a culture that focuses on “leaning in” and competing with men, Jeffries says it’s okay to be a disruptor and fulfill your God-given purpose instead.

Although Jeffries specifies that she doesn’t want to espouse “women’s lib” values, Today’s Women of the Bible is deeply freeing. The book centers the spiritual value of women rather than comparing them with men. Women who are called to service don’t need to take on a “second-class” position in order to fulfill their ministry, it argues: they need to listen to God’s call, whatever it is to. Today’s Women of the Bible acknowledges the value of every woman’s path and her contributions, with biblical stories used as examples of how to be a more righteous woman.

The text is conversational and moving. It returns many times to its essential message: listening to your small inner voice is the key to finding your purpose rather than external temptations like jealousy, power, or competitiveness. Every positive action or experience a woman has also nurtures everyone around her; likewise, the evil done to and by women is extremely harmful. “Eve was the one Lucifer chose to influence. I believe it was because Satan already understood the weight that a woman carries within the family,” Jeffries argues. That’s a lot of responsibility, but—by forming a fearless connection with God—the book offers assurance that women can live in grace as well.

Today’s Women of the Bible empowers women to see themselves in the holy parables of the Bible and apply its lessons to their lives in order to improve their lives in every way.

Reviewed by Claire Foster

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