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You Are a 10 According to Jesus

Clarion Rating: 3 out of 5

You Are a 10 According to Jesus opens up space for people to explore their spiritual lives within small groups.

Jim Wion’s Christian guidebook You Are a 10 According to Jesus works to facilitate group discussions for the development of individuals’ spiritual lives.

The book is built on notions of the value of, and need for, small Christian discipleship groups, which are proposed as a good place for people to explore the hidden parts of themselves, and to share their minds and wills using scripture and prayer. The book claims that such groups help individuals to understand both themselves and the power of God better. To help with this work, the text forwards short reflections, meditations, and lessons on topics ranging from understanding how each person is unique in God’s eyes, to equipping oneself for the great “adventure” of following God. Each entry includes a scriptural focus, a narrative, and discussion questions.

Notions such as that each person wears a “mask” that hides their true self, out of the fear of being exposed and vulnerable, arise. Group participation is suggested as a way to “poke a hole” in one’s mask, allowing for spiritual growth and development. Concepts such as the “Circle of Me”—represented as a diagram of concentric circles, with the five senses on the outside, will, mind, and emotions in the middle, and spirit at the center—also arise.

The meditations have a sermon quality and are organized for use as group study topics. Entries begin with time for people to introduce themselves and share their Christian experiences; they close with room to think about leadership. The entries are at their best when they make room for participants to link their own lives with the Bible and their communities; the book’s thoughtful discussion questions are its highlight.

Personal material is also included, helping to connect the book’s scriptural and theological ideas with everyday life. Wion describes growing up as a Protestant in a Catholic majority community, drawing on related challenges to argue for the importance of developing relationships. Easy-going, everyday language makes this work approachable and light.

Still, the text is hampered by its brevity. It hints at points of deeper Christian awareness, but explores challenging concepts in only a few sentences. Its most intriguing ideas are underexplored. Conservative suggestions for guarding against the devil are shared, as are notions of the importance of community, but few arguments move far beyond traditional answers.

The appealing group lessons of You Are a 10 According to Jesus touch on Christian themes to nurture personal relationships with God.

Reviewed by Jeremiah Rood

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