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What Tarot Can Do For You

Your Future in the Cards

If the magic has gone out of life, this thorough and responsible book can restore it, illuminating the use of
Tarot cards for a goodly array of benign purposes. Times have changed. Rather than consulting the Tarot for a sneak peek at predestined outcomes, the author says that “more Tarot readers are adopting the idea of personal responsibility and empowerment…allowing people to take a more proactive approach to their lives.”

Moore has created an ideal beginner’s book, a friendly, inviting introduction to the Tarot. Despite its simplicity, the book offers depth in its remarkable distillation of the basic meanings of the cards of the major and minor arcane. Indeed, the author’s explanation of the sequence of the major arcane, as a soul’s journey to enlightenment, is classic in its insight and elegance.

Not only does Moore introduce the Tarot deck as “a tool that works as a bridge between the conscious and subconscious” and provide instruction for the traditional use of the cards in divination, she offers an almost daunting wealth of practices and exercises for using these often beautiful and always potently symbolic cards in meditation, journal-writing, self-improvement, simple ritual magic, and personal problem-solving.

Says Moore, “All divination is, in a sense, a form of problem-solving.” To that end, she has great suggestions for such things as using the Tarot cards as a couples counselor and in role-playing situations. She illustrates these with brief lively narrative examples stressing kindliness, maturity, and responsibility (“Read what the cards say, not what you want them to say,” she urges).

Given the challenges of this life and times, the search for wisdom ranges far and wide. Thus it’s not surprising that there’s a large and lively Tarot scene these days, complete with publications, professional associations, conferences, and web sites. Moore is in the thick of it, having studied with Mary K. Greer and Rachel Pollack, two of today’s great Tarot mavens. Moore has written, spoken, read, and taught about Tarot for more than ten years. She’s also an intelligent writer with an engaging style.

What Tarot Can Do For You, in sum, articulates for anyone with focused intention, through the luck of the draw and the eloquence of the images, the vital connections among intuition, understanding, and right action.

“Remember,” says Moore, “that the power to change your life is within you. Seek the highest good and be honest with yourself.”

Reviewed by Stephanie Mills

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