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Book Reviews

Welcome to Beeky Airlines

Young visitors to the ForeWord office found this book right away; they recommend it for its humor. Beeky Airlines is the creation of fourteen-year-old Seth Campos. In it, Carl and his friends Ben the bear and Beeky (yep, it’s a bird) navigate the trials and pleasures of youth. Themes include some old favorites, like burping, a messy bedroom, and a relationship of mutual torture with big sister Laura. Clumsy and curious, Carl seems to get into trouble with everyone, and he’s often seen running away in the final frame. It doesn’t seem to quench his spirit, however; as he says in one strip, “It’s risky, but I get my exercise!” Campy, cheerful, and wry, this is humor that borrows from Charles Schultz’s “Peanuts” strip—Lucy’s lemonade stand is updated to sell Ben’s version of Starbucks—and showcases Campos’s impeccable comedic timing.

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