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What Is the Government Really Covering Up?

Clarion Rating: 4 out of 5

UFOs prepares for the revelation of greater truths with a spirit of hopefulness.

A. R. Roberts’s UFOs is an optimistic and serious exploration into the existence of relationships between extraterrestrial civilizations and governments on Earth. Founded on interpretations of events from the ancient to the recent past, Roberts’s theories invite skeptics to carefully consider the possibility of alien involvement in recorded history, with an eye to what it could mean for the survival of the human race.

Well-reasoned and humble, Roberts is self-consciously “speculating” when it comes to some of the most extreme aspects of his theories. At the same time, he remains convinced that highly technologically advanced cultures have been visiting our planet for a long time, and that it is likely that they have been trying to prepare us for an impending catastrophe.

UFOs is well suited to audiences familiar with the Bible. Roberts devotes a good amount of textual space to analysis based on the Bible’s telling of history, however secular his conclusions. Using the Bible’s time line and version of world events but with a different foundational metaphor (holy/angelic visitations were alien encounters), Roberts reasons that there must be some future danger of apocalypse for which aliens are helping humans prepare. The noble goals assumed of the extraplanetary visitors are to accelerate technological advancement and space exploration, and to evolve human wisdom at a pace befitting the responsibility of such greater powers.

Pacing is smooth, and the book eases into these waters gradually; this, in addition to repeated reminders to keep an open mind but form one’s own opinions, makes it easier to at least consider what some would find to be quite radical suggestions.

Although some of the concepts deviate widely from commonly held assumptions about civilizations of the past, Roberts draws logical and reasonable conclusions about the social ruptures that would likely occur should these speculations turn out to have merit. The book maintains a good focus on the government’s response to, and likely role in, recent unexplained events relating to UFOs.

The book’s rational approach extends from its tone through to its numerous citations and often-referenced bibliography. It emphasizes the importance of examining the best evidence available, and frequently reminds audiences that referenced texts are not asserting a truth, but merely offering a possible explanation for the as-of-yet unexplained.

People curious about UFOs and other extraordinary phenomena, particularly those who share the faith that temporary suffering will pave the way for a bright future, will find much to consider in UFOs, a book that prepares for the revelation of greater truths with a spirit of hopefulness.

Reviewed by Patty Comeau

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