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The Path of Least Resistance for Managers

Designing Organizations to Succeed

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If it seems that companies tend to re-adopt processes they had long since abandoned, The Path of Least Resistance for Managers will explain why that happens and what companies can do to ensure that their path of least resistance is the one that is strategically correct.

This book is based on the belief of author and consultant Fritz that successful companies have an underlying “structural tension” that guides the dynamics of their success.

This is a new approach to the traditional business plan that focuses on what a company needs to do to succeed. This concept is more geared toward what an organization must continue to do in order to consistently achieve the results that support its goals, and the book poses a convincing argument that the structure is needed to keep companies from “oscillating.” It goes beyond the well-worn path of listing short term and long term goals, and instructs readers on how to methodically chart key business strategies, tactical management strategies, and specific local strategies so that all of the strategies end up linked together.

There are several checklists in chapter five that readers would most likely find to be handy references on goal setting, and actual corporate examples sprinkled through the book add interest and credence. Fritz’s style is concise and direct, and he draws on his expertise in qualitative analysis and corporate business to convincingly get the message across.

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