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The Biography of Jesus Christ

The Eternal Lamb

Clarion Rating: 4 out of 5

This serious spiritual work maps out the story and message of Jesus in a catechistic and approachable way.

Jeremiah O. Opusunju takes on the ambitious subject of Jesus, who inspires debates over the nature of God, the meaning of life, and the path to salvation, in his The Biography of Jesus Christ: The Eternal Lamb. This well-organized and thoroughly researched book tackles some of Christianity’s biggest questions, providing answers and helpful Bible passages about the life of Jesus, the revelation of Jesus’s mystery and resurrection, and predictions about the Second Coming.

Opusunju is a minister, and his comfort with the subject suggests a great deal of personal research and soul-searching. There is no gray area observable in The Biography of Jesus Christ. Selections from both the Old and New Testaments are interpreted into simple English, with clear conclusions outlined for the reader. Opusunju draws from the King James Version, New Living Translation, New International Version, and Revised Standard Version translations of the Bible, providing a diverse palette for readers. He also includes four appendices and an exhaustive list of references and annotations. The Biography of Jesus Christ is a heavy-hitting work for serious spiritual seekers.

The basic tenets laid out in The Biography of Jesus Christ are simple and familiar: no human can see or enter the kingdom of God (whether in heaven or on earth), under this dispensation of the gospel of Christ, except if the individual is born again. Every contrary teaching is a lie from the devil, anyone believing it will face its consequences.

Ways to become reborn in Jesus compose the majority of the book, and Opusunju breaks this process down into short chapters on testimony, biblical law, and questions of how to live in faith. He answers questions such as “Are all God’s creations as eternal as God?” and “Did God’s Word diminish in glory?” Each response is meticulously laid out, providing a catechism for the reader.

The Biography of Jesus Christ presents itself as a work “designed to establish the hearts of millions all over the earth in righteousness … as well as silence the scoffers of God’s promise of Christ’s Second Coming.” This is a tall order, but the task is undertaken throughout with reverence and respect. Rather than threatening or browbeating its audience, it maps out a path through the Bible that interprets the text into practical, accessible information for daily living. Although the book is not an actual biography, it does address Jesus’s biography from a biblical perspective: the role of Jesus as God’s only son, his divine nature and the Holy Trinity, and his purpose as the savior of humankind.

The Biography of Jesus Christ is a serious spiritual work. Its length and thoroughness are a testament to the author’s dedication to his faith and his sincere desire to share the gospel with others. Drawing directly from the Bible as its inspiration, Opusunju’s book provides a no-nonsense catechism that is grounded in existing Christian traditions and aims to deepen the reader’s understanding of the relevance of Jesus in today’s world.

Reviewed by Claire Foster

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