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Book Review

The Shadow Within

by Hannah Williams

"The Shadow Within" works toward issues of diversity and mental illness through its story of one woman seeking emotional awareness and strength. Lynette Tait’s novel "The Shadow Within" is an inviting story of self-exploration through... Read More

Book Review

The Dark Tunnel

by Kelly Depin

This lyrical tale is a satisfying glimpse into Europe between the wars and the enduring bonds of family. Patrick Henderson’s "The Dark Tunnel" is the epic, heartwarming, and heartrending story of three cousins whose bonds are strained... Read More

Book Review

The Boy in Formaldehyde

by Lynn Evarts

This disturbing thriller focuses on underground child abuse rings with eerie connections to the real world. In Michael Antony’s "The Boy in Formaldehyde", Camilla, an advocate for victims of child abuse, comes across a macabre art... Read More

Book Review

The Biography of Jesus Christ

by Claire Foster

This serious spiritual work maps out the story and message of Jesus in a catechistic and approachable way. Jeremiah O. Opusunju takes on the ambitious subject of Jesus, who inspires debates over the nature of God, the meaning of life,... Read More

Book Review


by Jill Allen

Golledge excels at emotional description as she weaves a complex tale of family and loyalty in a strange new world. Authors of novels that combine science fiction and fantasy often create richly layered worlds, but sometimes the nuances... Read More

Book Review

Joshua's Key

by Emily Asad

H. Brading’s epic novel Joshua’s Key begins in the humble fishing village of Seaton, where Joshua and his father, Raymond, find themselves entangled in an adventure they’d have preferred to avoid. Kidnapped by Queen Amega of the... Read More

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