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The Astrology Fix

A Modern Guide to Cosmic Self Care

In The Astrology Fix, noted astrologer Theresa Cheung decodes the cosmic influences revealed in each person’s birth chart and recommends practices and rituals to balance each individual’s “shining” and “shadow” elements.

The saying “As above, so below” underlies astrology’s basic premise that the alignment of the planets and stars at the time of a person’s birth impacts their inner world and outer life circumstances. Since the Egyptians created the first astrological birth charts around 4500 BCE, astrology has had its ups and downs, going from being a tool for prediction and divination to its early twentieth century emergence as a powerful means of personal and spiritual growth and a rich, complex guide to how cosmic potentials tend to play out in a person’s life. Designed for beginners, Cheung’s book makes it clear that the key word is “potential”: everyone has a choice in how to deal with what their chart reveals. “You can choose to dance or you can choose to sleep under your stars,” she writes.

Cheung’s book is exceptional. It goes far beyond generic explanations of the meanings and possible effects of the placement of the sun, moon, and rising sign in the birth chart to introduce tools for actually working with one’s chart to bring understanding, balance, and healing. Fifty-four unique cosmic practices and rituals, or “fixes,” address love and relationships, health and well-being, money and success, and many more life areas. An “Index by Need” makes it easy to find the appropriate fix for issues as they arise, and the book’s exuberant, lighthearted illustrations make diving into astrology fun.

Sensitive and insightful, The Astrology Fix is a modern guide to the ancient practice of looking to the skies to find inspiration, healing, and transformation.

Reviewed by Kristine Morris

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