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Seekers of the Soul

Clarion Rating: 4 out of 5

A surprising diagnosis of cancer of the kidney sent author Sherry Ward on a search for alternatives to surgery and conventional treatments. Her inner awareness that the mass was not malignant led her to postpone the suggested surgery and seek out the confirmation of psychics and intuitives. The readings assured her that she did not have cancer, and that what the doctors saw was the result of a childhood injury to the area; later medical testing confirmed what the seers had told her. “Resting in the belief that my health was not in jeopardy, I began to think about the seers who had given me the readings,” Ward writes. “My journalistic instincts kicked in. I wondered, ‘Who are these people? How did they learn to do this work? What made them think they could? Did they have unusual experiences as children?’”

What Ward learned was both fascinating and invaluable. Seekers of the Soul demystifies the lives and work of psychics and intuitives, providing guidance for those who seek their services, and suggesting ethical procedures and practices to be adopted by those who might be establishing careers in the field. Ward’s candid interviews show her subjects as everyday people who have devoted themselves to paying attention to, and developing, abilities that may well belong to everyone. Although few readers are likely to become professional psychics or intuitives, all can benefit from becoming more aware of the still, small voice within that guides them daily.

Ward’s interviewees have traits in common: they are private and humble about their gifts, do not seek acclaim, had been reluctant to use their abilities professionally, and desire most of all to be of service. Recognizing the human tendency to interpret information based on personal experiences and beliefs, they respect the power of free will, and seek to present the information they receive in a positive light. Although she rates her experiences with psychics and intuitives positively, the author advises that such readings should never take the place of one’s own good judgment.

Ward suggests that a new science of the paranormal is now emerging and that this renewed awareness of the supernatural may be a sign that humanity is moving into a new evolutionary stage in which there will be increased access to information that is present in the etheric. “I applaud the men and women who have worked with integrity on things beyond the ordinary at a time when to do so was not always easy,” Ward writes. “In their work, they opened doors for all of us…when inroads are made, they remain as energetic pathways, even for subsequent generations.”

Sherry Ward is a reporter and freelance writer, former marketing director, and businesswoman with degrees in Communications and English from the University of Michigan.

Reviewed by Kristine Morris

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