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Rollo Bones, Canine Hypnotist

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Rollo, the yellow dog with soulful eyes, has a special talent. Just gazing into his big, sad eyes can hypnotize even those who don’t believe. His master, now manager, the Brain puts Rollo to work. They perform for audiences all over the world to sellout crowds. Rollo soon becomes tired of the one-more-town, one-more-stage life. He misses his old life-taking long walks, playing laundry tug-of-war, and eating dog biscuits. When they stop at a gas station, Rollo runs away to reclaim his life as a dog. Soon, though, he must don various disguises to avoid being caught and turned in for the reward money. He decides to return to the Brain and, using his own special talent one last time, solves his problem.

The colorful, humorous illustrations contribute significantly to the appeal of this picture book. Marhsall M. Moyer’s first book is told in a straightforward style with the humor understated, but still very prominent.

It is, however, an adult story wrapped in a children’s package. While the longing for the simpler life may resonate with parents, it will be the illustrated comical situations that will hold children’s attention.

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