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Books Reviewed by Peter Skinner

Book Review


The Middle East is unstable, war-torn, and generally hostile to the West; religious and/or civil strife, fanaticism, and militias are ever more dangerous; America is a clumsy... Read More

Book Review

A History of Iran

Iran has for several decades projected a dismal image—repression of political and human rights; crippling censorship in the press, literature, the arts, and self-expression;... Read More

Book Review

Books on Fire

A near-encyclopedic history of the fires, looting, and other assaults that have destroyed or damaged many great libraries—public and private—may not strike many as a... Read More

Book Review

The Unknown Gulag

Lynne Viola, professor of history at Toronto University and a highly respected historian of the Soviet Union of the 1930s, has written a searing book on an immense and all too... Read More

Book Review


In the best Hippocratic tradition, the author loves both his art and his fellow men—intensely enough to publish this superbly produced, lavishly illustrated volume on medicine... Read More

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