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Women Who Tri

The human body has nearly 700 named skeletal muscles, so it stands to reason that an ideal exercise would make use of every last one—a tall order, to be sure. The... Read More

Book Review

Luz Bones

Myrna Stone’s depth of historical knowledge and talent for storytelling should not in any way suggest that her technical skills don’t reach the paygrade of poetry’s big... Read More

Book Review


The tickling of ivories, or birdsong, how one note relates to the next and amounts to something more—that’s the initial impression of Adam Houle’s lines, as they go about... Read More

Book Review

Autumnal Heart

The gentle nudge to pause, listen, look for deeper meaning or humor—especially at the worst of times—is ever present in Sue Scalf’s poetry. But her blood runs plenty hot,... Read More

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